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Eleven to One and Back Again ©

Tom Green
Fife, Scotland

We try hard to be original but what can we write?
The penís ink is black and the paper is white
We labour all day and we scribble all night
And if oft betimes we have to wonder
Why we feel the need to ponder
Nostalgia has us in its grip
We must take a trip
Down our memoryís lane
And so off
Now we
We now
Off and so
Our memoryís lane down
A trip we must take
In its grip nostalgia has us
To ponder we feel the need, why?
And if we oft have betimes to wonder
All day we labour and all night we scribble
Black is the penís ink and white is the paper
Hard we try to be original, we can write, but what?

The words in the verses go from eleven to one
Then rise up again until they are all done
Add the words quickly hereís how itís done
Take the eleven first then add just the two
Meantime put aside the one Iíll remind you
Add the two to the eleven, thatís thirteen
Then three to the ten, see what I mean?
The four to the nine, surprise! surprise!
And the five to the eight, blink your eyes
Lastly six to seven and we have five pairs
Five multiplied by thirteen, what do we get?
Sixty five, but weíre not done just yet
Weíve two sixty fives then thereís the one
Added together, one hundred and thirty one

I hope this little verse hasnít bored you rigid
Itís intended to demonstrate fun with digits
Take the numbers one to twenty as example
One calculation should be more than ample
Add the one to the twenty, thatís twenty one
Then add two to the nineteen and so on
Making ten pairs of twenty one and then
Multiplied together give two hundred and ten
But thatís O.K. for even numbers I hear you cry
Hereís an easy odd number for you to try
Take twenty one, thatís odd youíll agree
As usual put the one aside just for me
Twenty one and two, sorted as before
Two hundred and thirty with one more
Add them together and then weíre done
Our total is two hundred and thirty one

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