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Eden's Outpost ©

Janet Blackwood Dowty
Ladson, USA

There is a land across the sea
Where mortals meet Immortality
For long ago was heard the cry
'Give me Scotland, or I die!'
The plea was heard and came to him
The Presence, The Holy One, who knows no sin
In Eden's garden He was found,
And in the temple's holiest ground
On skull of rock and victory sound.
Travelling through time He lingers long
O'er misty loch, through golden glen
up heathered slope, to cairn'd ben
Found of those for Him who yearn
Breathe deep His air, rest on His sod
Touch the very face of God
Consume His Presence, know holy joy
Joy which the world cannot destroy
Come, come apart and rest awhile
Here, here in Eden's North'rn Isle

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