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Earth Pulse ©

Coming to terms with the South Asian cataclysm on December 26th 2004.

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

I still remember Boxing Day;
Christ, sound asleep
in some stable,
broken crackers still
on the floor -
crisp air, blue sky,
tidy table... Shining starlings
feasting on kelp, ocean
bounty cured on
our shore.

Who says heaven never
meets hell?

Without warning, our gentle Earth,
like in labour, unleashed tigers -
two killer waves; Noah's
nightmare on the Lord's Day
in mid-morning.
Death came by stealth
for too many innocent souls,
fishers, farmers,
in her anger she hardly spared
a Friday or a Robinson...
Humanity stands in

South Asian shores,
edens, defaced; populations,
hurt and displaced...
Was it his way to remind us that
life's at stake, far too precious?

Call me pagan or believer,
Mother Nature will
laugh loudest;
divine labour or twist in fate,
we're powder in the universe;
we can't resist against
that flow.

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