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Drunk Driver ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

Flowers by the roadside of tragedy they show,
another victim's family dealt a cruel blow.
It was the same old story heard in the past
of a drunk driver at the wheel going too fast.

His friends told him he should not drink and drive,
if only he had listened the pedestrian would be alive.
Another statistic added to the ever growing toll
of which drunk drivers fill the leading roll.

Why do they never listen? Why don't they take advice
and think of the grief they cause which isn't very nice?
The headlines are repeated time and time again,
it's seldom woman drivers, more often men.

What can be done to teach them to go by the rule?
To drive when over the limit makes you a fool.
We try to educate them, they just don't hear
they don't seem to know when they've had enough beer.

The reason often given, 'I don't live far,
I'm not too drunk to drive my car'.
But we know this short distance is all it takes,
for a drunk driver at the wheel to make mistakes.

It's the pedestrian who suffers for this mistake, of course
and the driver at the wheel who always feels remorse.
But tell this to the family, tell this to the friends,
for they are the ones who feel sorry in the end.

What about the driver? What will his fate be?
probably a six months ban then he walks free.
They call this justice, it's just not right,
with this paltry sentence he got off light.

When the ban is over in six months time,
he's back on the road again feeling fine.
Will he change his ways? Has he learnt his lesson,
next time he goes on a drinking session?

Will he think of that day and the mistake he made
and make sure he forgets the beer, and orders lemonade?

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