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Drugs ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

What makes a person turn to drugs,
can't they see it's only for mugs?
Don't they read the papers and see where it leads?
misery and death, and drugs sow the seeds.
To feed the habit you need to have money,
to make the pushers rich, which is not very funny.
An addict will get up to any old tricks,
even stealing, to get his next fix.
The family and friends count the cost,
to fuel the craving of one who is lost.
It always starts when someone says, "Try it!"
That's your downfall, you just have to buy it.
From there it's downhill, you're on your way
to become an addict and down you will stay.
But there's always hope if you have the will
to give it up, but it's a very steep hill.
It's a very long climb to get to your goal,
but it's worth it, to get out of that drug ridden hole.
But your family and friends will breath a great sigh,
when you come down to earth, from always being high.

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