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Dream World ©

Frank E Gibbard
London, England

Life's a permanent holiday on this fair and sunkissed isle
Contented inhabitant's faces bear the broadness of a smile
Blue perfect seascapes brocade each golden shore
Above the palms in azure skies there flies a red macaw
Tropic fruit so scrumptious they could cheer a melancholic
Scenery so sumptuous here even misanthropes might frolic
No maps locate this island treasure
This mirage abode a nocturnal pleasure
Really fantastic my leisure island
If it were real I'd make it my land
I'll return in dream again perchance
And hula hula though I cannot dance
Or in dreamy Tahiti take the part of Mr Gable
A mutinous Fletcher Christian at Charlie Laughton's table
Casting off Bligh I might then conjure other bounty
And in eddy of mind's eye don the mantle of a Mountie
Untroubled head while safe in bed can gift such relaxation
And in rem sleep such treasure reap in gentle excitation

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