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Dream Weaver ©

Malcolm Beaton
Stirling, Scotland

At the close of the day the sun sits low in the sky
The birds are singing softly bringing in the dusk
And the music in my mind calls out on its journey home
To the one who loves me.

Each day my heart yearns to give you more
Each kiss brings back the memory of the last
And when I sleep holds my joy
My wings unfold and slowly they stretch out

My arms reaching up gathering the suns rays
Letting it flow in to me building energy to a peak
My wings move backward and forward
Setting the grass around me into motion

Taking a step forward I take to the air
Beneath my feet the ground drops away
And my spirit leaps as once more I take to the sky
I gently climb and I'm able to see my surroundings

The meadows of golden corn below waving
Moving to and fro like an ocean of yellow
The fields of grass moving like a sea of green
Rippling as the breeze lazes amongst its stems

The river that runs to the sea magnificent silver
Running invitingly thru the villages and dales
The children playing in the lanes heading for home
The song of the birds drifts in on the night breeze before you sleep

I fly in a world that has forgotten who we are
Where only the children still dream of us talk to us
Once we were many and watched over you
Now we are few, and I, I am the dream weaver

Flying into the night to cast my dust into your eyes
Letting you rest and place a dream in your mind
As you sleep I watch you smile and if you are troubled
I rest my hand upon your brow taking away your fears

And for you my beloved I'm always here beside you
My lips touching yours as light as a breeze
My fingers touch your face as lightly as a feather
Following its contours returning again to your lips

A tear of my joy falls upon your face
Your hand reaches up and holds it for just a moment
Letting it dry upon your fingers
Your hand falling to rest in mine

The night is now quiet and the birds resting
Silent now is the night, my breathing matching yours
My arm resting over your waist my body giving warmth I close my eyes in joy
Outside the window once more the birds sing

The day breaks and the mists of a new day roll away
I stand in the light of the sun drawing in its energy
My wings unfold as I once more look at you sleeping
I place one more kiss upon your lips

Place your hand to my heart letting you feel its beat
And as I step to the window your eyes open
My wings unfold and I am gone again, till the night
Till I weave another dream

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