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Dream Time ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

Nightfall is a time to dream
The dark of night will set the scene,
Then a trinket from the past
Alas, my dream, the die is cast.

A glimpse of heaven is my desire
Now that I have just retired,
A little Cottage on a hill
A touch of magic fits the bill.

Old friends walking on the moor
Someone knocking at my door,
Brothers and sisters all together
Summer nights among the heather.

Out there walking with my dog
Alas, my dream, some rain, then fog,
Then just to add a touch of class
On my arm a bonnie lass.

Snow drops on the village green
Heralds winter from my dreams,
Birds are singing in the trees
New born lambs, a gentle breeze.

Daisies linked, make dreams come true
Wild roses filled with morning dew,
Alas, my dream, a water fall
Awakened by a rooster’s call.

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