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Dreams of Childhood in Kelty ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

I've started to dream of all the times when we were young and each day was filled with joys
We would climb the hills and walk around the Lochs never giving a thought to toys
We would climb our nearest mountain, Benarty was it's name
Or we would wander through the Weewoods, hunting all the game
The Meadows was our big swampland, and Loch Ore was our big sea
And many a raft or homemade ship was found sunk or floating free
Sometimes we would sit on the redden ash of the Aitken Bing so high
And dream of the wild strawberries at the back of the hill
And in the warmth of the sun we would just lie
We would gaze at the cooling towers, as they thundered like rain
And we would look at the grass with a mild disdain
We would talk of the great times we have had there before
Like down at the Perch hole so black and so deep
Or after the big trout in the bay where they would sleep
Oh life was good when you're young and so bold
But now it's just memories and dreams when you get old

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