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Dreams ©

Bhavana R
Chennai, India

Every night in my sleep a secret world I visit
Let me show you this land through my eye
For no one but me has ever seen it
Here's where all rules and laws I defy

The world I speak of is the most splendid
Never boring, never stale, it's highly recommended
In my world I can create the most wonderful invention
Though I'm no scientist and that wasn't my intention!

Sometimes I go driving the most exclusive car
What else did you expect from a movie star?
But my favourite dream is when I'm up in the sky
Waiving to the crowds from a copter goodbye

And sometimes there's no copter and there is no plane
You bet I got wings and I'll fly over Spain
And surely it won't take longer than an hour
So I might as well visit Paris to see the Tower

The invisible wings then take me higher
Deep into space where I'm a frequent flier
Distant galaxies are all that I seek
To meet new aliens and learn how they speak

And then back to Earth I do return
To sun filled valleys and snow covered fern
Flowers and butterflies, beetles and bees
Watch me with wonder as I skid past in skis

Not all in this world is nice and pretty
To survive here I must be smart and witty
I'm scared of the green witch who comes to my dream
For she tickles me in the stomach and makes me scream!

But when I open my eyes, I am happy to see
The witch is gone, and now I am free
Although I miss the skies and clouds all around
No worries ... I'll see them next time around

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