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Down By the River ©

Adam Quin
Linlithgow, Scotland

One day whilst down by the river
A young chap was fishing for trout
When the landlord came by in his big jeep
And roared at the chap to get out

"Get off my land!" cried the landlord
"Or else I shall call for the law!"
So the young lad gathered his gear up
And made his way towards the far shore

The lad sat on a stone contemplating
About what had just happened to him.
How could anyone own all the rivers?
Soon they'll own near well everything

The fish in the rivers are wild creatures
God doesn't part-own them with anyone else
I am sure he'd allow me to take one
I know, I will ask him myself

So he kneeled down and prayed to the Lord
For a trout to put in his net
Without the landlord knowing
And especially without getting wet

He carefully dangled his rod
In the beautiful river's edge
And a small trout pulled tight on his fly line
As it gobbled his small claret sedge

He looked to the heavens in disbelief
At what had just happened today
For he had prayed for the very first time ever
And a miracle had blown him away

For Christ sought men who fished before
That we are all aware
As a young lad found whilst out fishing
The Lord is everywhere

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