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Doors ©

Irene McIsaac
Whitby, Ontario, Canada

The first door opens
When you enter this world
To be touched
By the loving caress
Of a Mother's kiss
On your cheek

The next door opens
When you encounter
With trepidation
And uncertainty,
Those who will be your companions
Throughout your informative years

Another door opens
And allows you to experience
The joys of friendship,
The joys of giving, sharing
And finding that special someone
To love and be part of your world

This door will remain open
For as long as it takes
For both to grow,
Understand and enjoy each other,
To bond together
Until two souls are one

And when it is the chosen time
For one to go
This door will partly close,
And for a while,
Filter out the laughter and the light
Leaving behind only cherished memories

In time
This last door will close
And behind it
Will be a new and glorious realm
Where loved ones reunite
And two souls will be as one again

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