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Don't Ever Let Me Go ©

Lucia Mussollini
Edinburgh, Scotland

He holds me
In the palm of his hand
And inspects me for bruising
I can feel the mighty weight of his breath
Warming me
And enclosing me like a blanket
His eyes are wide and with awe
His smile radiates on to my wonder of him
Reflected in my face and eyes
He is the most beautiful sight for me to behold
And I bask in the beauty of his being
The sheer joy I feel at this being
Will last a life time
Even though it is so brief
I have never felt such contentment
And wonder and awe
At another human being
I know he is the most special being to ever have existed
And he knows how to hold me there
In the palm of his gigantic hand
The vulnerability is like
A butterfly in a storm
But the beauty surpasses everything
I am safe here
Donít ever let me go

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