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Dolphins ©

Stewarton, Scotland

If dolphins are so clever they disguise it oh so well
They've never actually told us yet, well not that I can tell
If dolphins are so clever, well I wish theyíd simply say
But it seems they canít be bothered they would rather simply play

Fine by me you silly fish: oh Iím sorry, youíre a mammal
Iíd rate you on the clever scale somewhere around about a camel
I've seen you do your tricks and things which are really entertaining
But I'll bet that stupid camel could, with the same amount of training

Youíre a performer and an actor, you pretend to mimic sense
Youíre no better than a seal, my friend, seeking fish as recompense
You'll do anything we ask of you, thereís no trick you wonít perform
But itís really fish youíre after, sorry, please forgive my scorn

So youíre not so very clever, thereís no astounding bit of proof
Thereís nothing of your psyche that I consider so aloof
So swim along and play your games, just keep on earning fish
Donít pretend, to me at least, youíre as bright as some would wish

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