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Doe, Ray, Fa' ©

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

(To The Memory of A Laird I Once Knew)

"Inhuman man! curse on thy barb'rous art". R Burns

There is a glade of Nature's hue
Behin' a Laird's big hoose;
A secret garden saft wi' dew
Whar snowdrops grow profuse.
The clime mild; flowers wild
Palm trees flourished there;
Ivy draped o'er wa's that miled
Across his lands sae fair!
So, Doe and Ray came tae Fa
As she gaed birth by his wa'.

A lean an' lanky spec'led man
King o' the social order;
At charities he turned his han'
Wi' accent fae o'er the border.
High an' michty, lik a spruce
His lofty words gaed crack;
Peasant's stared, an did muse
O' debts upon his back.
Doe and Ray came tae Fa,
As she gaed birth by his wa'

His surname, o' the double barrel
His title o' posh respect;
An' every peasant boy an' girl
Paid rent that he'd collect.
Forelocks were tugged in unison
As pheasants fell lik thun'er,
The shooters ate their venison
They'd bagged weel o'er a hun'er.
Doe and Ray came tae Fa
As she gaed birth by his wa'.

The gloamin gaed its curtain ca'
The sun fell o'er the knowe,
The Doe aside the Buck was sma'
Wi' grass, began tae chow.
Ab'low the trees, in yonder glade
Sic secret, a private place,
The silent deer did stealth invade
An' might've left withoot a trace.
Doe and Ray came tae Fa
As she gaed birth by his wa'.

The man o' wild life trust an'speil
Ran rantin' for his gun
Blusterin' an bletherin' lik the deil
'Twas then the deed was done.
A Solway magnum, cocked an' ready
He stepped ontae the green;
Wi' barrels aimed, slow an steady
He shut wan o' his een.
And Doe in calf, did buckle an' fa'
He killed her in birth against his wa'.......

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