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Did You See Him ©

John J Turner Sen.
Glasgow, Scotland

Did you see him Jennie
Did you see him Tam
See him in all his finery
Did you see my bonnie wee man.

Marching out he went
Marching to the pipe band
There isn't a prouder father
In the whole of this land.

He chose to join the colours
Like his grandfather and me
Following our tradition
We are a military family.

I followed them to the ship
Watched as they sailed away
There was a lump in my throat
But they'll be back soon they say.

Did you see him Jennie
Did you see him Tam
Did you see what came home
Of my bonnie wee man.

He didn't see any action
It was an accident they said
Before encountering the enemy
My bonnie wee man was dead.

As the piper plays over him
A tear comes to my eye
He was born to be a soldier
And as a soldier he did die.

I'm glad you saw him Jennie
And I'm glad you saw him Tam
I thank you for being with me
To say goodbye to my bonnie wee man.

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