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Dictation of God ©

Charis Jones
Melton Mowbray, England

Dear God should we tremble at the foot of terror,
And secretly beg for your almighty protection,
Your fatherly arm outstretched over all land,
Holding us all in a half dream state of safety,

Yet now we wonder if we've sinned to cause this unleashed tide,
As you sent your son to rid us of our grieving turmoil,
So did you thence send instead a monster of destruction?
To rid thee of our wretched skins for all your eternity,

Aside all that what can we do but pray for help,
Strength and virtue and patient peace of mind,
To help us escape this currennt of enormous death,
Please Dear God we now await your dictation,

We know that when we depart you will guide us willingly.

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