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Dichotomy ©

Fife, Scotland

We would have invented it
if it had not happened
A chance to put out one open hand
While another bears a gift

Times when money was tight
My friend passed to another a book
First given to her
In mature times
She regrets.
But I see a shining star
All the better for this act
Humility is a grace

Birthdays can be mislaid
And Oh dear, explain that
But Christmas no fear
The whole town shouts
Out to remind us.

Less is more
A stable not a palace
The turning away
A good story line
For a child to shake
A head at

Myself, I love donkeys
See something holy there
That innkeeper
Said no, but
Annex out the back, Sir Madam
Look in the unlikely places
Christ is there

Dichotomy of plenty, nothing
Dark, light
Virgin birth. supportive husband
Stable. cross
Christmas. Easter

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