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Depression ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

Depression is an illness
some doctors may ignore.
They think you're being stupid,
so send you out the door.

They do not take it seriously
and tend to fob you off.
Thinking it's in your mind,
some may even scoff.

I suffer from depression,
it makes me feel so low.
I really feel so lazy
and do everything real slow.

Depression makes me weary,
with no energy at all,
it also makes me very sad
and drives me up the wall.

I seem to have no patience
and I am not amused,
when silly things annoy me
and I blow a fuse.

When I feel suicidal
and want to take my life.
People change their opinions
and think about my strife.

The doctor gave me tablets,
to help my feelings ease.
I think I am improving
and go down on my knees.

I pray to God to help me,
as I don't want to die.
I hope to feel much better,
I am really going to try.

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