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Departure of September Sun ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

The sun paints colours of gold on autumn trees
Memory wind suddenly is blowing over my house
With blood-red hands from overripe blackberries
I sit at my attic window where the terrified flitter mouse
Last night tried to get in, sunbeams softly tickle my mind
Churchyard silence! September mood fades to grey
I imagine the emerald green of young plants I find
In summer gardens, butterflies flee the ageing day
I let myself fall down into the brown of humility
The spice of the autumn arouses sweet desire
Like soldiers somehow pines line up with tranquillity
They salute to me behind the curtains before they retire
Oh, my poor eye, just notice the beauties right now!
From the dark clouds injustice smirks at my face
Oak, birch and beech reverently still carry a heavy crown
I want to travel to an eternal spring, revitalized youth I trace

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