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December 26, 2002 ©

Mystery Rose
We may not always understand why one will live and another may die, someone is taken from us without notice or without reason. Time doesn't erase pain, nor make it lighter and the feeling of Joy doesn't last forever. In honor of my friend Sharon.

It has almost been a year that has passed
Since she left this world and all her task
I want to believe she is in a better place
No more hurting or suffering of that awful fate.

I cried and cried and yelled at the sky
I couldn't believe that she has died
I felt frightened and alone
I returned to the place which I called home.

I met her on a message board
She was gentle and kind and filled with love
We shared the belief of boundaries,
That all people deserve dignity

Friendship is a special gift
I don't know how it happened
I am thankful that it did
I miss her the most on days like this

They say friends mirror who we are
I wish upon the only star
That he would have received the letter I sent
To tell him of my true friendship

We come to know people
And to care about them
I miss my friend
I miss her talks
I miss her the most
When I feel lost.

This time of year is sad for me
I hung an ornament on the tree
To remind myself of my friend now gone
She will always be a part of me
She lives again because she lives with thee.

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