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Deathcamp ©

A true incident which occurred in Auschwitz Birkenau Concentration Camp during WW2 where over 1.5 million people died between 1940-1945. Many girls with physical defects were sterilised in an attempt to create a 'Super Race'. This story was told to me during my nursing years in the late 60's by a relative of one of the survivors.

Josephine Duthie
Aberdeen, Scotland

I could not hear you
shout your Heil Hitler,
and all my suffering
you would not see.
You took my father
and gassed my mother.
You called them guilty
because of me.

My hands were shouting,
you took no notice.
Because of deafness
you punished me.
Stole from my body
a mother's instinct
and left a barren

Was your 'Super Race'
worth that destruction?
for both our children
could never be.
Can you justify
my sole existence?
For I have no one
to speak for me.

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