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Dear Tony ©

In Sincerity we seek

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

Dear Tony without Care
Tell the truth, be open, bare
Put your hand upon the Book
Recite the pledge you undertook
Promises to all the Nation
Not treat us with your Deil's damnation

I'm sure you have lost the plot
Each ballot cross has been forgot
So keen to get your name in lights
Election pledges distant sights
Diversify in argument
Statements from your Cabinet

Socialistic promises with saintly smiling grimaces
Backbenchers without spirit now left has gone to right
Often called a poodle for dancing Yankee Doodle
We who suffer consequence have already seen the Light

Attack a country on a lie
Not gave us chance to ask us why
Imprisoned some you say in case
Protest marches gone to waste

Ministers arrogant--with privileges extravagant
squandering desperately--this nation's shrinking purse
stealing from the masses--low-paid boys and lasses
balloted existence by apathy and curse

Pension rights to few are golden
Rich get richer, poor are stolen
Employment stolen twisted sick
Statistics used to quote and trick
Expected lame to stumble hobble
What little due you quickly gobble

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