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Dear Paul ©

Written to my son on his 21st Birthday. We had been torn apart many years before through marriage breakdown. We are now Father and son in a loving relationship.

R.E. MacRae
New South Wales, Australia

Your life is for you to live
Share it with whom you please.
Always be prepared to return it
Keep a clear mind so you can do it with ease.
Whilst life is still in your grasp
Enjoy it and spread peace where you can,
For laughter is still the best medicine
It prevents most diseases in man.
Sometimes life's path is treacherous
No matter which direction we take.
We are forced to think, What's the use?
No one cares what decision we make!
It's during these times when we are down,
We are visited by a power unknown.
We feel our strength slowly returning
And suddenly the correct path is shown.
It's then we must thank the Power
This source of love and mercy that comes.
We should welcome this special being
Invite it to use us as home.
I call this spiritual being God
It's a name I've heard given by some.
It's not the name you use that's important
It's the relationship you allow to become.
As the years slowly dissolve into one
That one is the sum of your life.
You'll be glad you have made a good friend
Of the one who gave you your life.
I have spoken to many who agree
That what I have written is true.
So, my son, on this special day
I'll ask the Being to be a good friend to you.


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