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Dear Mr. Salmond ©

William Denholm
Edinburgh, Scotland

How sad a nation have we become?
That it now takes a signed petition to get anything done
While the politician’s still sit and debate
For many fishing families in Scotland it is now too late

Their Boats now go to Denmark for scrap
While in Scotland the families face the poverty trap
The Beaurocrats in Brussels now sit and applaud
And joyfully announce, “We will save the Cod!”

They cannot accept the fish
Have now migrated with the Plankton
To the colder parts of the North Sea
And they don’t care if the Scots
Have no Haddock, prawns or Whiting
To cook for their tea

The only Boats you are now likely to see
Are the ones that supply
The North Sea Gas and Oil Rigs
And Danish Industrial trawlers
Who take the fish to feed to they’re Pigs

A nation in Europe without a top table seat
But smaller nations like Luxembourg
Are included in the policy making
To the point they tell us what we can or cannot eat

Now can someone please explain!
Why we are closing our fishing industry down?
While they are expanding in Ireland and Spain
Is our loss to be their gain?

When it comes to voting for a political party
We all have a choice
But when it comes to decision making in Europe
We have no Scottish Independent Voice

Haddock has always been a part of our staple diet
So why do our elected members stay so quiet?
With up to 42,000 jobs under threat
Surely this is one challenge that should be met

Our Fishermen only ever wanted
A deal that is just and fair
But the European policy makers
Have driven them to the depths of despair

What I would really like to know
Where are the voices,
Of McConnell, Wallace, Swinney, Sheridan and Co?
They all know where Brussels is
So why don’t they go?

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