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Dead Man Walking ©

Gerard McCabe
Emden, Germany

Forgive me father
For the sins I have committed
The punishment is justified
And rightly fitted.
Now itís laid down
In the Bible
To turn the other cheek
But I wasnít born
That way father
I was born far to weak.

Forgive me father
I ain't looking for absolution
Or a seat by your side
Just looking for a little understanding
Before the devil takes ma hide.

The last words of a sinner
Before, I take my seat.
The apples from Eden
I have eaten
The taste
Was Bitter sweet.

Forgive me Father
I hope,
I May be permitted to speak.
My judgement hour is nearing.
I ask you father
Could you have
Turned the other cheek.

It's easier said in books
Sung in a gospel song
But life ain't so easy as it looks,
And on that cold December morn
Ah know I did wrong.

Forgive me father
Iíve got to cut this talk
I hear the shouts down yonder
As the keys turn in my lock
I hear the shouts down yonder,
as they rattle the
Dead mans walk.
so Forgive me father I am not looking for absolution
or a seat by your side
just a little understanding before the devil takes my hide

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