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D-Day, A Soldier Remembers ©

Dedicated To:
All those who fought and died on 'Normandy Beach', so many years ago.....

Roland R. Ruiz
Texas, USA

As I walk into this field of valor, in the early morning hours
I think of the many fine and brave soldiers, who lie beneath the ground
With multitudes of painted crosses, to mark their sacred graves
Thoughts slowly fill my mind, June 6, 1944, I remember only so well
The scare and terror of that day remains etched within my heart
I try to forget the screams of death, that passed before my eyes
But the scenes remain so vivid and clear, even after all these years
D-Day resides so deep in me, there's nothing I can do
To rid me of the dreams, which haunt me, in the twilight of my years
The sand, the water, the blood, mixed with the sounds of death
Caused me to pray to God, to forgive my mortal sins

I remember following my 'sarge', into the water, on that early misty morn
Just as we reached 'Utah Beach' a bullet struck his helmet, spinning him around
Showing me a bloody stump, that used to be his head
To this young innocent country boy, who just turned 19 two days before
Within seconds, leaving me no other choice, I suddenly became a man

As I raced past his lifeless shell, knowing at any moment
My life could end as well, somehow I survived thru this violent hell
And went on to fight in other battles, until the bitter end
Every so often I make this trip, to see my fallen comrades
And each time as I return, I leave a piece of me, between the blood-soaked sands

As I approach my eighty first year, I know this will be my last trip
To see my fallen friends, so I'll walk slowly thru this hollowed field
And say a final goodbye to all these gallant soldiers
Who gave their lives for God and country, as only heroes can

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