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David Porter (27/5/51-29/10/59) ©

(To the memory of my precious childhood friend who was tragically killed when crossing Dumbarton Road in Whiteinch, Glasgow on 29th October 1959)

William Musleh
Glasgow, Scotland

Whenever I walk down Medwyn Street
I look at where we used to meet
The schoolyard where we used to play
The songs that we sang everyday

I want to tell you David as you look down from above
That you will always have my never-ending love
They say the good die young and those words are oh so true
For God sure chose the best the night that He took you

A light went out for me that day in 1959
I've often wished that I could stop and turn back time
But Jesus had another plan, Jesus saw my tears
Then sent your sister Betty after all these years

When I saw your picture that she handed me
I cried just like a baby, I cried for you and me
May God bless your precious sister for words could never tell
That even in her sorrow she thought of me as well

Thank you for the memories, thanks for being my friend
Even though you are now gone it is not the end
For when we meet again on Heaven's golden shore
We'll sing 'Follow Follow Rangers always and evermore'

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