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Darn ye Darnley ©

Mary Queen of Scots (In a nutshell) Part 6

Joe Sharp
Stra'ven, Scotland

He wis a tall, peely-wally, link o’ a man, wi’ a mind as mean as a weasel’s
He came tae Mary in Edinburgh, an’ she helped him get o’er the measles
A right big nancy, but he took her fancy, so she made him Earl o’ Ross
He wis a fairy, she agreed tae merry, but said it didnae mean he wis boss

Mary set oot tae find a Priest, tae ask for a Papal dispensation
Darnley an’ her were blood related, but they both kicked wi’ the same foot
She chapped oan the door o’ the chapel hoose, but the Priest wis oan vacation
It wis like if ye were lookin’ for a Glesga polis, ye never see ane aboot

They goat merried, wi’ plenty o’ food, there in the Palace o’ Hollyrood
Oan honeymoon, a’ dressed in plaid, they rode oot oan the Chaseaboot Raid
Moray an’ his rebels, ran o’er the border tae safety, as fast as they could
That night in Dunbar, Bothwell wis paid, tae join up, in Mary’s Parade

Mary an’ Darnley were growin’ apart
An’ Mary fair fancied the man frae Dunbar
He had hair oan his airms, an’ chest for a start
Wi’ him by her side, they were sure tae go far

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