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Dancing With The Moon ©

Bruce Clark Dick
Forfar, Scotland

I could not sleep one starry night, so down the stairs I crept
So quietly in my slippers, as my dear wife she slept,
I opened the back door silently, and stepped swiftly to the night,
An expectant host of twinkling stars, flooded my garden full of light,
My frosty lawn, our ballroom floor, my partner in silver shone,
I bowed, she gently curtseyed, and then the dance was on.

I held her in my arms, and off we waltzed around,
My slippers glided across the frost, her feet didn't touch the ground.
She felt cool within my arms, but she smiled as on we danced,
I felt my cancer receding, as round the lawn we pranced.

We waltzed, and twirled for hours, then danced for one last time,
I looked down at the footprints, and all I saw was mine.
I bowed to her so deeply, she curtseyed from behind a cloud,
At approaching daylight, she slid away, the colour of a shroud.

Back in the house, wet slippers off, I tread softly to our room,
A sleepy voice said, "Where have you been?"
"Why darling, I've been dancing with the moon."

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