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Curle Street ©

William Musleh
Glasgow, Scotland

The street I once held so dear
Its sign is blurred, I shed a tear
A distant echo is all that is left
My friends all gone, alone, bereft

I will to bring them back to me
By singing songs from '63
'Walk like a Man', 'Walk right In'
The vinyl's broken, needle's thin

One up at number one six four
Another name is on the door
It only seems like yesterday
Where my pals and I did play

Graffiti scrawled upon a wall
Bowrie, Rangers, Jane loves Paul
That's where we hung our hearts to dry
Our record of those days gone by

I won't forget my childhood dreams
Though some lie scattered in Glasgow's schemes
But standing here I take my bow
For that was then and this is now

So here I stand for friend and foe
The pilgramage over, now I can go
To live my life, to run the race
My friends I leave you in this place

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