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Crossing the Rubicon ©

David Flynn
Fife, Scotland

As soon as one dies, another is born,
death and life in a poisonous scheme.
Keep the light of compassion gleaming
as zero shrinks to infinity.

Keep the flame of compassion burning
when the flame begins to die.
The fading light yields to timeless night
and the darkness will last forever.

To save even one, just one from so many,
a single, insignificant life.
A detail in time thatís missed at a glance,
a full stop at the end of a line.

Overplay precious morals, outrage is burning,
and evil prepares to play.
The devices are enduring from ages past,
the machine is resistant to change.

Reveal the beautiful truth to the hideous liars
who dull bright light with shadow.
Itís an enduring journey with no turning back
when you cross the Rubicon.

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