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Crossing the Bridge Together ©

Kelly Curwood
Ontario, Canada

Out of my love,
I give no more
family has torn me,
I am closing this door,
Two years passed in time,
In new love,
My teenage heart no more,

I am a human being who was once a child,
A woman who see's through to the heart, soul,

To write a letter to you mother I would say,
Your pattern mother shows your own fathers day...drowning .. "Saint Nicks day"..
Empty pockets, smelling whiskey, singing down the road,
"Uncle Nick"..

I don't hear you, or see you all year until
"Saint Nicks Day"
I phone you, pushing me away,
"Saint Nicks Day",

A child dodges you after this day, no one knows,
I seem to remember us begging for scrapings,
Share your very existence,
Letting go of your past is too late,
To hear your voice phone, knock at my door,
Or a place where we're not so far apart,
It's the end of this show..
I am sorry to you mother for being
a child forced to work for father's lack,
Played alone myself for father's lack,
Your own lack of guidance I see, understand why,
And I must now say good-bye..

My beautiful child has spoken these words fresh in my mind
Selfishness, materialism I don't like them she says,
She remembers how hard it was for me to not feel I had parents,
I do not hurt no more.
I say to her I respect. "I love you unconditionally"

To My Scotsman, who holds me tight at night,
Reminds me of what is in a family.
Thank you, Dear love, for showing me.

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