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Crashed and Burnt ©

In the face of setback, when inner spirit is stronger than deceit -
and when resilience acts as Mother of all Hopes.

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

Three bonxies
had me for dinner -
behind their smiles,
I felt the grip
of their talons...
Deceit belongs
to those who glide;
up on that hill,
I fell to prey like a
young tern or
kittiwake lost in
a gale.
...To dream
too good,
I crashed and burnt.
Clash of egos
or clash of wings,
my spirit
lives beyond
that blow;
I'm left alone
to lick
my wounds -
to death kisses
I am immune (!)
...I'll rise again, I won't
let go.
Bonxies beware:
you might
have torn my shorter
wings - but
you won't get
my heart and
my patience flies
high with
the wind;
brand new
feathers will
and glow.

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