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Cowboys Beware ©

This poem was written in response to Claire Short's revelations of British and American political decisions to eavesdrop on the UN on the eve of a crucial vote. Although this must not be new, it is even more enraging, as this was directly connected with this second Iraqi conflict. ...and what a lack of trust!

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

Buffalo Bill
spied on new York...
he just can't
tame his old wild
horse -
inside this ring
he lied again (!)
White or black smoke -
he's tapped the
lines of world keepers...
we, the whole herd,
have heard a few
scary secrets.
Geronimo has struck again!
Didn't you know,
HE's a woman (!) -
watch out cowboys,
your English squaw
unleashed the truth - she
just won't bury
that hatchet.
Are you afraid of her
war paints? - you look tied
up to a totem;
Where is JR, that lone
ranger... still in hiding,
or in his ranch?
He too might taste
tar and feathers;
no need to bury your
heads in white sand.
That horse is wild,
time to dismount,
... or just eject.

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