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Country Pub ©

Ray E. MacRae
New South Wales, Australia

When you come to town for a look around
its mostly a shoulder youíll rub
of a similar chap doing just the same
in a good old country pub

In the bar of the pub when the wheat cartingís on
the stories are long and lean.
twelve ton trucks cart twenty
and make dust youíve never seen

When the weather's wet and the cold winds blow
the sizes increase and number grow
as the lies are told of how they can shear
and rumís the drink before your beer.

The landlord mixes with the hired hand
their futures both are tied to the land.
It's a time to relax and not to snub
as they wet their whistles in a country pub

Some live there for they are inclined to roam
others stay too long, should go home
But they are all enjoying the loud hubbub
as they wash down the dust in a country pub.

The game is over and won hours ago
can't drive just yet, movements too slow
For those stayed too long he put on the grub
The publican cares for all in his pub.

Some pubs are brick stand strong and tall
others are wooden need painting and small
they all make you welcome it's the meeting hub
so come join your mates at a country pub.

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