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Rhoda Birnie
Ohio, USA

Standing at the Edinburgh Castle rampart's walls,
Basking in the warmth of a spring day
I'm Looking down on Princes Street with a smile.
If you listen closely, you'll hear the lone piper in from of the National Art Museum
I gaze to my right, and there's St. James Center, the beginning of Leith Walk
Then I Gazed to my far left is Frasers Department Store and Lothian Road
On a clear day you can see Fife across the Firth Of Forth
I wistfully smile, sigh and I am content

I walk down the Royal Mile, heading for my favorite chip shop
The closer I get, the more tempting the aroma of the fish and chips are beckoning to me
Order your fish with a poke of chips, add vinegar and brown sauce, it's brilliant!
Also on the Royal Mile, I hunt Strawberry Tarts - Gotta have my sweets
I am content

I visit with my cousins who are in Edinburgh
We have tea and a wee gab
Tell stories of times gone by
I am content

I venture to my Pub, The Laughing Duck
It's a typical pub upstairs and downstairs is the dance floor
Give me the upstairs, the elixir of the gods - a good pint of lager and my pals.
I am content.

Hire a car to visit my cousins up north
Stall on the way there
Stop in at Aviemore and never tire of the beauty of the Cairngorms
When I see the mist on the top of the mountains
with sun peeking through it takes my breath away
I am content

I carry on northward to Inverness, the Capital Of The Highlands
The rest of my cousins are there
Visiting with my family is grand
Heading out for a night on the town is an adventure
It's just not our scene anymore
We'd rather hang out at home and relax
You know what? I'm content
You can't beat home, family and memories
I am content.

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