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Ray E. MacRae
New South Wales, Australia

At last, Lake Cargelligo won the cricket,
and Hillston was buying the beer.
The action was at Blacker's Pub,
A sportsman's home of good cheer.

A supporter with too much to drink,
was at the back of the pub at a prank.
Amusement those days was scarce, so for a laugh,
this Hillston chap we must thank.

He was deflating the tyre of a car,
The Captain of Lake's team he thought.
Sergeant Dunn, in plain clothes, walked up,
stood and watched, this wonderful sport.

Are they all flat? Serge inquired.
No! well get on and do the job right.
When the last puff of air left the fourth,
the car was a terrible sight.

The civilian clothed cop produced a pump,
then called to the bar, to come see,
This unfortunate pump up 4 tyres,
they were on the Serge's car you see.

There are many who say that he pumped them,
and of course, many who say he did not.
The facts are, he pumped up each tyre,
and ended up becoming a cop.

It's this story he mostly relates,
when he is out to visit the schools.
Through it, he tells the kids to behave
and not to grow up, to be fools.

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