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Compatible Signs ©

John McKay Withey
Falkirk, Scotland

In the stars our destiny is set,
There is much we do, we later regret.
So if you have not met, a partner to date,
Study the Zodiac to find your best mate.

Impulsive and rebellious is the fiery Arian,
Their outlook on life is totalitarian.
But regal Leos would lead by tolerance,
While the outspoken Sagittarians would like to use puissance.

A restless disposition has the Gemini,
Renowned for possession of a real roving eye.
But Librans would bring a balance within,
While Aquarians a reasoning that is sure to win.

A mystical quality the Pisceans possess,
What they are thinking is anyone's guess.
Cancerís sensitivity is what would impress,
While the passion of Scorpio is all they need stress.

Practical Virgos are known for perfection,
Being very self critical can lead to dejection.
But prudent Capricorns with wisdom and caution,
Would help the Taureans to establish devotion.

Aries or Pisces, Aquarius or Sagittarius,
The harmony created akin to Stradivarius.
So look at the signs to decide the right path,
Ignore at your peril and invoke the gods' wrath.

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