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Come Back to Me ©

These lines inspired by a book I once read
and the film of the book I once viewed a thousand times...

Graham Donachie
Victoria, Canada

“Come back to me” she whispered
but I, in the swirl o’ life’s success
understood not her request.
But I see still, her eyes glowing
wi’ a luve
which made me somewhat,

Alas..for what I now know
my eyes bleed tears.
My sojourn intae heaven,
sae short, sae wondrous
but ending,
an’ my descending back
into hopelessness
deep intae the living hell.

A simple timepiece is all I hae left,
which fae an angel’s hand
I did receive,
an’ still I see glowing
in her faraway eyes,
a luve undying.

Perhaps a time will come
when joy will reign
on many planes
with mysteries solved,

then I might
return to her.

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