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Clouds ©

Adam Quin
Linlithgow, Scotland

Some are fluffy and gentle
And some are wafer thin
Some of them have rough edges
Others have something within

Some are dark and heavy
And move around really slow
Others are like Chinese whispers
They leave a little bit as they go

Some have cats and dogs in
Well thatís what my mum once said
Others are just full of water
And they rain right on top of your head

Now Cirrus travel way up on high
Youíll know them theyíre wispy and thin
They can often be quite hair-like
Thatís a common aspect of them

Cirrostratus is usually in blankets
That regularly fills all the skies
The sun can shine right through them
And so can the moon, if he tries

Fog is also a cloud, you know
Itís cloud thatís in contact with the ground
It can travel for miles and miles
And itís a menace for hanging around

Cumulonimbus is the really big one
They can produce lightning and thunder and hail
They are the tallest of all cloud formations
And they may have a sting in their tail (tornado)

Contrails are produced from vapour
From the jet engines of planes going by
As they weave their way to some far off place
Leaving ice crystals which form clouds in blue sky

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