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Clouds ©

Irene McIsaac
Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Slowly, softly they glide across the sky
Seldom standing still
Changing shape as they drift along
Creating illusions
Stimulating imaginations...

Slowly, softly a mighty galleon appears
En route to a far off land
Carrying silks, jewels and spices
Dancing on rippling waves
Sailing into the sunset

Slowly, softly snowdrops bow their heads
Shedding tears of sorrow
Glistening, then dissipating
Fading to oblivion
Promising to return

Slowly, softly a host of angels gathers
Circling overhead
Tuning into a network of thoughts
Fluttering, conferring
Scattering in different directions

Slowly, softly a gentle hand takes form
Reaching down, spreading out
Comforting, reassuring
Beckoning us to touch
Willing us to trust and believe

Slowly, softly night begins to fall
Filling the skies with diamonds
Sparkling, lighting the way
Steering the vessels
Bringing them safely to port

Slowly, softly dawn arrives on time
Filtering through the darkness
Awakening, revealing different shapes
Creating illusions
Stimulating imaginations...

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