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Climate Change ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

Our climates, they are changing,
The Earth is getting warm.
Dry places are much drier,
there's a lot more storms.

The Ozone Layer is thinning,
it's causing climate change.
Storms become more frequent,
with wind and driving rain.

The hurricanes are stronger,
we have stormier seas.
Wet places, they get wetter.
with floods up past our knees.

We can stop this progressing,
if we watch what we do.
Cutting down on CFC's,
Carbon Dioxide to.

Humans are a species,
not listening when we should.
We could have stopped this happening,
if we had done all we could.

If we all get together,
start doing what we can.
We can save our planet,
for the future of man.

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