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Clarity of Thought? ©

by Hamish M Anstruther

Climb those stairs
and stare at the moon.
Colour the rainbow
by numbers.
Number me among your friends,
Fff.. ffrie.. friends will take advantage.

Trees don't drive;
driving winds move them.
Birds shake
in these moving trees.
Don't beat me with that branch,
for the tree needs it more!

Through the forest silence
I hear a baby cry.
'Help me! Help me!'
Only the spirit of the mountain
visits the baby, breathes gently on her face
and disappears into the night.

So let me question love!
Who sees the glint in the eye,
when the blood surges
like mountain torrents,
and inadequate words
do not make sense?

Wo.. Wor.. Words..
There, I said it.
It's hard to speak sometimes;
For time is my enemy;
War is also my enemy.

Excuse me, did I mention war?
Valour, villains, victims
among the blood, fear and noise.
Bang, bang, you're dead!
Dead right, you are!
But, for what?

And did I mention time?
Is thought and time metabolically
controlled by the human species,
connected through our speech?
Then what about the tic, tic, tic
of Tourette's syndrome?

Watch out, for darkness is falling!
Catch it if you can; but remember,
for every cloud that falls,
some paint is washed from the kaleidoscope,
the world becomes a darker place,
and we transform into dark matter!

Who then will light the flame of love?

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