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Civiand ©

John J Turner Sen.
Glasgow, Scotland

Now I wasn't always as you see me now
for once I stood tall and proud
everyone that knew me said
I stood out from among the crowd.
Should you care to hear my story
have a moment or two to spare
I'll tell you how it has come to be
that I am what you see here.
As I was taking my morning stroll
along by that river grand
I met this strange creature
who asked the way to Civiand.
Well I told him I knew this stretch
knew like the back of my hand
but I had never heard of anywhere
with the name of Civiand.

His claw like hand gripped my arm
in a grip as strong as a vice
He had straggly hair and hollow cheeks
And eyes, oh eyes that were cold as ice
I led him to a wayside bench
there we sat as he told his tale
of his search for the fabled Civiand
where could be found the holy Grail.
His face it began to fill out
in his eyes there came a glow
indeed he no longer looked like
the wretch I met a moment ago.

I just sat there entranced
as his voice it grew more bold
drawing me deeper and deeper in
to that fabulous tale which he told.

When we rose I did follow him
well as far as I felt I could go
with sorrow I bade farewell
To that man I did not really know.

That night, oh what dreams I had
dreams of a magic fabled land
found myself climbing a hillside
where an ancient castle did stand.

Inside a great imposing hall
stood a large table round
bowed to Knights seated there
Is this Civiand I have found?

There sat Arthur and Guinevere
with Lancelot close by their side
in a suit of gleaming armour sat
The searcher with a look of pride.

It was then that Galahad did enter
holding aloft the holy Grail
a deathly hush filled that room
it gave way to a mournful wail.

Dragged awake from that dream
oh how I did curse and swear
such a feeling of loss I had
now Civiand was no longer here.

I felt myself go through the motions
like a man who had lost his soul
became just another obsessive
with Civiand as my only goal.

That night in my local bar
I discussed it with my merry band
told them of meeting that stranger
and his search for Civiand.

For a week or two we studied maps
maps of new and of ancient lands
but alas nowhere did we find
the least mention of Civiand.

One night a voice cried out, "I've got it!"
so over to old Erchie, I quickly strode
He looked not at a map but a note book
"Look Civiand, it's another Davinci code."

Yes they did all break out in laughter
thinking it to be a good jest
while I alone was saddened
this did not end my quest.

Now I am as you see me doomed
doomed to travel over this land
in a search I fear will know no end
till I reach that fabled Civiand.

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