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Christ our King ©

Mystery Rose

Away in a manager in Bethlehem
A baby was born to Mary and Joseph
Wise men brought gifts
Angels sang
Trumpets played loudly
The savior was born on Christmas day

His life on earth was not filled with wealth
He was just a child when he saw his fate
His journey brought strife
But he loved us so
He carried his cross for us all to know

Maybe you haven't had a great day
Maybe you haven't had a great year
Maybe you haven't had a great five years
Hang on for there is hope

Christmas is a time to celebrate Christ's birth
Let's give to others because of his works
Just one small gift for a child with little
A friendly small for the homeless people

We are all equal in the eyes of God
Christmas is for giving
Peace be with you
Let Love fill your heart
Open your arms to others
We journey today
Because our Christ was born on Christmas Day

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