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Christmas Day Alone ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

One doesn't know it's Christmas, when living alone
There are no songs in your head, or rings on the phone
You awake in the morning there are no thoughts in your head
No flames in your fire as you sit upon your bed
No Christmas pudding, no chicken, no lights on a tree
Is living alone happiness? Be honest, is that being free?
Gone are memories of a family and life
Gone are your children, your togetherness, your wife
You think of those days, where did I go wrong?
Why is life not like the words in the song?
Just being honest with oneself, is all that it takes
Facing the facts, we are to blame, as we sit with the shakes
Whether it's with drugs, drink or just our inner fears
I'd rather know it was Christmas, than have a day with just tears

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