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Changing Season ©

Fife, Scotland

Spring was the matinee
An afternoon show
We have now reached the first act
The earlier blooms have moved over

Well planned flower beds flow
Like a gentle stream
The pace manageable
A no hassle hobby

Yet still as I tidy leaves
Deadhead daffodils
I feel disloyal
Once so welcomed now redundant

So clever is nature's plan
Bright yellow in March
Cobalt blue and purple in April
After winter a rainbow reward

The garden having prepared us
Given us expectations
Out pop poppies stunningly red
Who were waiting their debut

Glorious clematis a good looking family
Come along and stay awhile
Lavender and rosemary
Like best friends or sisters

Like a well balanced grandma
I have no favourites
The flower I am looking at
Is my favourite at that moment

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