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Celebration ©

David Flynn
Fife, Scotland

I've got a leather jacket,
Made of genuine vinyl.
I've got a five year old car,
That's nearly paid for.

I'm in the light,
With Led Zeppelin.
I've got a young heart,
And a shrivelled old head.

Did you ever see a castle,
In a council estate?
That's where I live,
Itís double glazed.

Nights are for sleeping,
Days are for dreaming.
It's night for day,
For the chosen.

Electric piano,
You can have music,
Wherever you go.

I'm moody and gloomy.
I'm depressing and cold.
I'm hell to live with.
I'm a four in one entertainment system.

I can do happy - some.
I can be light - grey.
I'm a warm, patchwork quilt,
Of conflicting emotions.

It's the light fantastic,
With darkness overhead.
I practice tricky chord changes,
On my vintage guitar.

Factory, church and farm,
Reflections of a toad.
That's what I am.

I've got an obsolete computer,
Its got software and hardware.
I cram it with poetry,
Itís got humanware.

I've got a quartz heater,
Heats the room in no time.
It's perfect for depression,
When you need some warmth.

I've got a telescopic tree pruner,
Allergic to wood.
I've got a 10,000 hour light bulb,
Thatís never switched on.

I cut my own hair,
With a lethal weapon.
I've got a magic saw,
To cut through anything.

I've got a fishing rod clock,
It reels in the years.
I've got rubber stair treads,
In case I take a fall.

I've got a faux sheepskin oven glove,
It's safe and warm and snug.
I've got industrial strength scissors,
To free frozen chips.

I've got a blood pressure monitor,
That tells me I'm ill.
I've got a windproof umbrella,
To keep out the rain.

I've got solitude and tranquillity,
I bought it off the net.
But there's a storm brewing,
And I've got a bad feeling.

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