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Cardboard Boxes for Fallujah ©

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

God, trust,
fire power, supremacy and Cocopops;
capitalism in a box,
a reservoir of reservists -
post-war machine coughs
in the dust.

God we trust,
American cardboard boxes,
packed by Oregon volunteers -
mothers, daughters, just
like Shannon.
"Adopt-a-Platoon" their ordeal,
so far away from Washington.

In God we trust,
freedom and hope, more honesty -
justice over conspiracy,
an end to fears,
lies and disgust; our world
masters owe it to us.

Election Day has just begun
in Ohio or Florida.
Fifty one states will determine
who will preside;
re-ignite tears or reassure
Miss Liberty, that young
lady, America.

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